JFK Assassination DONE


JFK,  Great man most agree, Had Ideas and wanted to Change America.

My Opinion Below to Why the Hoax Pushing Scams have always liked this one and made some proper Dollar from it,  DVD’s Films’ Interviews all COSTS $$££.


Yep I wont Bore you to death with why he was at the Daily Plaza or why it slowed down or even why the Open Top Car,  Its the way John Liked it to be.

The Topic I am going to show you what I think Happened the Logical Plausible explanation to it.  the Bullet the Other shooter the cover up and why.

Oswald did Hit the Parade with couple of bullets,  no deny, but after watching a simple explanation video on you tube it became obvious to me,

Yes the Security Guard Mistakenly Accidentally took out the Presidents Head, yep I know your thinking what !!  LoL,  Lets think about it,

It explains the strange bullet theory,  ie there wasn’t a weird dancing bullet.
It explains the Head back and to the left, as the bullet will penetrate and explode throwing the head towards the path the bullet came from, in this case behind him.
It explains the cover up,  it was a bodyguard by mistake,  think about that.  That would just have to be covered up till at least his family and himself had passed away.

There the Logical Reasons for me,  We will never actually know till a few years yet, 2024 but it keeps moving further.

Just My opinion on what actually happened and what made more sense to me than any other theory.  the Facts the report isn’t the most accurate doesn’t help but i can see why they would bend the truth to cover one of there own accidental mistake.

Plausible…  the Hoax will GO on for sure on this for ever a more….

PS I wouldn’t waste your time.





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