#SevenGate Charlie Seven her Claims DONE

The #SevenGate Scam and Hoax.

I was as fooled as a few on the Charlie Seven pretty face and soft talking Lady, who had been done over for theft by the government and media industry,  after watching her video on her my heart sank,  she looked so dun in, deflated and turned over by the 6 ppl that had ripped her of with her Intellectual  property  rights on all her ideas.  I was smitten-ed by her voice and eyes and little anger she had,  i was sold.

I thought I must contribute to her cause, wow how could companies actually do this?  wow ,  Helen RIP, I will see what she knew, Helen was one of the helpers of the accused of Nicking her IP of the game shows,  So.. I made a short Video of Helen just being interviewed on the Power and Influence she had on government,

i was in full Hoax Mode,

I had Messages from Charlie in the comments and all was praise and thank you etc etc…  Big Up to me, Pat on the back.

But that to me was all believable,  but when i started watching videos on earlier things related to her on her channel…… she was saying ‘charlie hebdo’ and ‘7/7’ and the judge on the game show shouting SEVEN every episode,  mmmmm Im thinking hang on……   what?

yeh agreed it took a while to actually take that slap in the face but wow it was a slap and it was fast sharp Bang ‘like you been seen with a bird behind the bins type of slap when you walk in midnight’.

I thought hang on I need to ask Questions,  Im on this Flo thingy live hangout stuff sunday, they corrected me on hampstead hoax so ill just ask.

Sunday Night came so I asked…..and was told.

Back in the Late 90’s a Women Called Wendy was a dancer and stage performer nicknamed ”bendy Wendy”.   Now, for reasons I don’t know (yet), she decided to come up with some ideas for TV shows and went to a ‘Grampians TV’ open day, sort of bringing new ideas to the market interviewing etc to see if Media was for you, like an open day for employment,  (for a better full run down of that media day she attended)  watch this ref – Richard Hannah part 1.
After watching this video i also thought WOW .. she is mad the Flo Crew at that point (back in aug) told me she was mad …

On the next Sunday I started chatting to Flo and Sheva and Lee on Sevengate and what I had Experienced, with Richard Hannah Video and a comment Left on the video i had made actually promoting seven,  telling me that he is one the accused and could i please remove the video i was out of breath …..

I within 5 mins deleted the video from my channel and thought,  OMG.

‘What was i actually doing,  I was pushing a hoax and actually accusing 6 people that i had not met or even spoken to of targeting this women.  Charlie, Bendy wendy etc i was so embarrassed about it i Contacted Richard straight away,’

I apologized to him, that is all i could do and told him i had removed the video.

He was cool with it and told me i wasn’t the first don’t worry.

We discussed of Air this time Flo and a few others…  He brilliantly made a video about this seven charlie loon. and that was that really…

FLO DESTROYER  Exposes it Perfectly

But its gets better…

After a few weeks had passed nothing really coming out from Seven on her Chanel not many tweets nowt gone quite,  but after watching the first video from Richard you can clearly see why… and with Flo on top with a hammer… she is finished now.

The latest Update from the scam is Kindly Told to us by Richard Hannah actually one of the six accused by seven of stealing her IP shows and terrorized her for years.

After Having Richard Hannah On the the Flo After dark Show ep11 ,  He gives us a quick update to whats happening his end on his fight to get her closed down,  Richard isnt vindictive nor is he out cause her any harm,  but he does realize he has to do something,  luckily for him that know one has taken it seriously on his side of his life,  but the real scary thing to Us (pedo protectors/Devils/Trolls/Mi5 Shills) We realize from looking at other cases that this could have turned out Really Bad for Richard with the Mentally Ill being groomed to do stupid things…

Now luckily for Him he has Us fighting his corner in the Social Media Way,  and has the know how and links to get his legals in place,  being an Ex Lawyer does help. LoL

SO… the Latest Video From Richard an Accused a Victim in all this is below.

Can say any more than the Man himself.

Updates Will follow guys..

Thank you Richard Hannah for your support.


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