Welcome to HOAX POLICE Info who are we and whats it about



People Have to Wake up to the unregulated Internet Scams and Hoaxes all around you,  People are making a lot of money $£$£$ from your Good Heart By telling you BIG lies with NO facts at all,  I will try and show you What & Why I think about these Hoax’s and Scam’s that YOU believe to be so Stupidly Real.

I am aKa Danny Jones aged 46,  My name isn’t Hidden to all who come around me, but before I give out my true ID you need to give yours simple as that. (although some do have my real name i trusted,  unfortunately before i found out there beliefs)

         I’m a father of 3,  one daughter doing well in University going to be doctor so happy days no more Booking Appointments lol,  I have a son at secondary school and a Son at nursery,  Work Full time as a Manager,  I make sure your Jaguar and Land rover has a dashboard.   My Mother and Father are in there 70’s and live in Spain, loving the sun bless them.  I drive Nice cars,  Have a nice House and just get on life.

I Will try and be as transparent as possible to most, I have Nothing to Hide.




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