The Moon Landing DONE

Now…. this is such a MASSIVE CONSPIRACY,  My Top 3 for sure for & most people.

My Story on the Moon Hoax.
It started for me back in 1992 whilst on a crappy Dial up 28k Modem,  for us oldies It was the connection that took about 2 hours to download a 3 minute Song LoL

So after finding a few websites with Conspiracy related stuff on it,  Hey …comon i was on the Web where everything could be found and Dark Bootleg music Kazaa Morpheus software P2P things and Info said that the Media and Government just would not cover.  *the early Alt Media*

The Moon Landing was always a Suspicion for me before i even came on the Internet,  I was thinking why have we never been back? along with Van Allen Belts protecting you from radiation Death so how come them astronauts are ok?
I found Websites saying exactly what I thought.  Pictures of Weird things crop lines an unexplained shadows from different lights,  an actual photographer telling me on video that these were fake,  Alex Jones and Many others to which my memory is not good enough to write here… but loads of sites pics query’s that I couldn’t and didn’t have answers for like…
Crop Hairs on the pictures
Rover tyre tracks don’t seem real
Van allen Belts radiation
the No Noise with a 10,000lb thrust engine slowing you down
are a few things I just could not answer

I was in Full Hoax Mode

Years go by……. probably about ten of them,  where i just did not care about it I had moved on to my next Conspiracy theory, (see my other stories for what i was into whilst Full on Tuned To The Moon *cips) I new a secret that not many knew about and the ‘Sheeple’ I thought Well they are just fast asleep not knowing,  I felt sorry for them sheeple and also felt better than them*….  I know whats true and we didn’t go to the moon simple as that why haven’t we been back?   My defense was always the same,  ”Your fast asleep and when you wake you will see for yourself ” that was always my thoughts on what the others who didn’t believe me would feel when it got exposed.
I was laughing on the inside.

Ok Lets Skip to 2012…. yeh As i said I didn’t really pay much interest to it there was so many more Conspiracies to go research so the Moon landing was fake I thought.
But…..  Flat earth was around then and just starting to get attention from everybody,  as a manager i had several employees telling me ”the earths flat boss honest”’  I’m thinking WTF? you guys for real?  they give me some links to check out (youtube researchers LoL),  I looked at it and straight away began Debunking it. (see my flat earth section for more)  That was my Spark in my own Senses to think hang on... what else can i debunk,  what else is just Bollox?
I jumped straight to the Moon Landing,  I thought right lets Ignore everything Iv seen  10 years ago,  although harder than you think to forget what you think you already know,  I began to Debunk the Moon Landing Hoax.

Firstly we have to Start with trying to get hold of the Complete Cockpit Footage,
”Not the stuff whats out there on the Batshit crazy website and youtube channels I was once telling people myself to go check it out.”
I had to find New Real footage without any Host talking over things and trying to point thing out what just isn’t there.

I start with EVIDENCE 1.  a video I now use to show the REAL COMPLETE FOOTAGE OF THE ACTUAL LANDING.

After watching this you can see there is NO Studio.
You can watch as they touch down with Professionalism you see and hear everything without Edit.

The Other video I would like you to watch is simply answering some of the questions that I could not get answered.  TOP 5 Questions.

Now After watching this Video You can see How I was Debunked.  It gave me answers and Lots of them.   SO …. Still believe we didn’t go?

No More need to be said..  I was wrong and IF you thought we did not go, then you was wrong to.



Danny J








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