UK Column And Brian Gerrish are not to be trusted,

I first came along Brian G back in the 2002 when he was involved with the Lawful Rebellion org and Richard D hall and a few others all came on the Conspiracy Scene,  Alex Jones was already around doing his thing but nobody in the UK was doing anything like Alex was.   And most of us was Screaming out for it.

UKColumn Started not long after Brian and his friend Michael Started an Alt media type broadcast bringing all the things the MSM would not print or even talk about.

I watched it every week along with TPV and Richie Allen and Sonia Poulton and many many others,  I was Proper Tin Foil hat on down all the rabbit holes.

Knowing what i know today about all these Hoaxes doing the Internet rounds, I wish I’d never clapped eyes on Brian.   He over the years Pushed theses scams and hoaxes Holy Grieg, Hampstead, Freeman of the Land, Melanie Shaw and Loads of others I forget about.

He Brian and His Followers have actually caused a lot of Harm to Families and Children and He knows very well the Hurt and suffering he has caused and Continues to do so even today pushing and Lying and about Melanie Shaw.

He is funded by Donations BIG donations and A daughter of a LORD actually funds UKCOLUMN, Linda is all im saying here, He also ran an Energy Business with several directors which is suspect as it didn’t have many employees to have 7 directors.

BRIANS main issue is the Common Purpose Org that snapped up all the Business for training staff and Doing back to work government scheme,  His company Lost the Tender or Bid for the work and since that day he has Stamped all over common purpose and still till this day thinks its some Scam and not fair,

i know the Irony of it he thinks its a scam, Bloody Hilarious lolololol.

I made a little Video to try and show what i found out and VOICE my concerns.


Thanks for Watching


Danny Jones


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