DroneGate @ Gatwick DONE

OMG so only a few days ago,  Gatwick gets shut down with a DRONE ATTACK.

34hr Shut Down and the Conspiratard world went even more Batshit Crazy with

  • UFO activity,
  • Government False flag,
  • Russia testing our defenses,
  • Isis terror alert,

So which one do you choose?   I choose the one NOT in the Batshit Crazy world.

Simply Teenagers fucking about with drones,  Nothing more probably High on Coke encouraging each other to I DARE YOU etc,   and from that it begins,

You have no way of tracking a drone freq. the Military could triangulate the source if its on,  if its off ie switched off nobody got a chance of tracking it.

With that info learned you understand why the military were called in,  Its that simple folks,  it will come out in a few weeks as Coke heads cant keep there mouth shut.

But were is the Footage everyone asks, the News didn’t get any,


That Night it happened a Guy flips his Camera Phone out and Vids this.


Very Grateful for the Footage sent Ed W.

Simple Explanations are normally the correct ones to Assume.





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