About me

Firstly lets get this right from the start..

i am NOT a ;

  • MI5/MI6
  • Gov Agent
  • the Devil
  • a Satanist
  • Pedo Protector
  • Hampstead Agent
  • NASA Agent
  • Illuminati
  • Narcissist
  • NAZI
  • Racist
  • Bigot
  • Right wing
  • Left wing

NONE of the Above is me Nor do i really Know Anyone in my circles Either like that!.

SO me….

I am Linden or AkA Danny Jones on the Internet.

I am a family man with kids house car job pets etc etc….

I Just thought it would be a good idea to create a Blog where I can point people to without trying to communicate via Comments on YouTube or twitter Facebook etc.

People want evidence and the full story put into a comments Section and then argue every word you type… I found it Easy to just drop the link and tell them to look up the HOAX on there..  it works for me,  far less time Arguing with the Tin Foils Hats.


Im Open to Chat about findings or Query’s, Contact me is Easier via Twitter or YouTube Comments.  Or here on this blog.  I regular go on LIVE hangouts on Sunday night AFTER DARK  – FLO DESTROYER Channel and Others.  I am Open Honest and Transparent, I will NOT HIDE from you!


Linden (Danny)